News 2018: The Zip Curve in Les Houches

The Zip Curve, what all adventure courses will need next summer, is currently being installed in Les Houches… This new equipment, developed by Indiana’ventures and our Canadian cousins Zip Rush, is a tubular curved zip line with self-braking technology that’s easy to use and increases safety. The luckiest fans will get a sneak peak in spring 2018.

This patented system developed alongside Zip Rush presents several advantages in terms of operation, maintenance and service:

·      High throughput: up to 60 riders per hour on a single track

·      Minimal labor required

·      Low maintenance trolley and 8-wheel pulley designed for heavy traffic

·      Stainless steel track design

·      Eco-friendly workshop

Exclusively for professionals, come get hands on experience as soon as the snow starts to melt in spring!