Hosting a delegation from Quebec in Morzine

Indiana’ventures was happy to welcome representatives from Mount Sutton resort in Québec to work on the challenges at stake in terms of tourist development in the mountains during the summer season. We are also excited about the new partnerships that we will form in the future. Thanks to the connections made through Cluster Montagne and the partnerships with the Morzine tourist office, Indiana’ventures  is hopeful that our future partnerships will last throughout the seasons.

With the Morzine tourist office, Pascal Berger and his colleague Virginie Durelle met with the Mount Sutton delegation from Québec on a beautiful fall day.

When mountain lovers meet, what do they talk about?

The charismatic, 10-year standing CEO of Mount Sutton-Québec, Jean-Michel Ryan, wanted to learn more about the options Morzine has implemented to develop their summer mountain offerings. As a major player in the resort all year round, and even more so in summer, Indiana’ventures was happy to speak with the delegation about the different strategies that the resort can implement to ensure stable and eco-friendly development.

The meeting created strong ties, and we will surely inform you of any developments in the future.