Focus on the Isleta project in Colombia

Indiana’ventures is happy to announce the delivery of a luxury hotel complex in Columbia at the end of 2017. For over two years, we have focused on manufacturing cabins on the ground and in the air and we are dedicating our expertise to building a major tourist site on an island paradise in the Caribbean. This project illustrates our capacity to bring major projects to fruition, even in South America!

Since January 2016, Indiana’ventures and the South American teams have been dedicated to building a group of luxury cabins on the Isla Barú in Columbia, a former peninsula projecting from the beautiful city of Cartagena.

Project delivery is planned for the end of 2017

This two-year project involved a multicultural, mostly French-Columbian, team that will give Isla Barú the opportunity to welcome tourists from all over the world in one of the most stunning areas of El Rosario National Park.

The heart of the accommodations are 32 overhead cabins and 22 cabins on the ground, fully equipped with water and electricity. Some are even equipped with a sauna and hot tub for maximum comfort!  All of the cabins have either stunning view of the Caribbean Sea or the lush vegetation from the surrounding mangroves.